Thankful Thursday: Friendship

My heart is so full today. I’ve gotten to spend some time this week getting to know a few of my blogging/online friends in person. The time has been full of laughing, talking, EATING, talking about eating, crying, joking and in one way or another ministering to each other in just the way each heart has needed it.

God has blessed my life through the years with many great friends who have each made my life richer. I was once told that you only have 2 or 3 really close friendships in a lifetime. I just don’t believe that statement. Yes, I have had friendships that have come and gone. I have had friendships that have just been for a season in life and when that season ended I was left with an emptiness. Just because the friendship wasn’t for a lifetime doesn’t mean it wasn’t a powerful influencing factor in my life. It doesn’t mean they weren’t numbered among the close friends I’ve had. Even the friendships that ended badly taught me things about life that God wanted me to know. Even the friendships that were cut far too short because life’s journey took us in different directions taught me how to adjust and cling to the One who is always there and always providing the friendships I will need in each season of my life.

There is a lot of talk in my circle of friends, both in person and online, about listening to God and seeking Him. I love that I am in a season where I get to have those conversations just about everywhere I turn. I am thankful to see so many of my friends living their lives that way. I am thankful that so many people I know right now just want to know more of Him. I am thankful He has me surrounded by those kinds of people. People who love Him outside the walls of a building. People who love Him and each other in spite of their differences. People who have different gifts and preferences and backgrounds but are so much alike in the one way that really matters for eternity. They each love God.

Spending time in my online world in real face to face time has been a blast and there is more to come. It’s made me cherish these friendships even more than I did. It’s made me cherish my peeps back home even more than I did. It’s made me cherish my handsome fell and two sweet daughters even more.

Thank you God for a season in life where so many people you have surrounded me with just want to know you. Thank you for all the friends you have placed in my journey and all the ones you will place there in the future. Thank you for a life blessed by people who answered that call of friendship you placed in their hearts toward me.


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