41 minutes in The Throne Room of God

I don’t usually share full sermons on my blog, but this one took my breath away so I had to share it with you.  This is the preacher at my home church who has been doing a series on Revelation.  I have always known that I am extremely blessed to have him as my preacher on a weekly basis and have commented to others that he is the best preacher in this area, hands down.  He spends hours each week praying and preparing and seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit for his sermons.  This one really hit home with me.

Scott has been doing a sermon series on Revelation and this week he took us into The Throne Room of God by way of Revelation 4.  I posted the chapter on yesterday’s blog along with some songs.  I wanted to share some things that touched me out of this sermon, but I couldn’t narrow it down and thought it might be better if you listened for yourself since God has a way of giving to each of us what we need.  What I found powerful may not be what you would find powerful and then you will have missed something for you.  I hope you will take the time to listen.  I promise it will bless you.  I promise it is time well spent.  I promise you will leave more in awe of God than you were before you started.

There are a few minutes of “family” business at the beginning, but you can speed thru that to get to the lesson which starts at the 4 minute mark.

I pray God blesses each one of you and takes your breath away with His majesty and power!


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