Let’s get to the good part!

This morning i realized that I am not very good with surprises. I tend to get so excited that I can’t keep the secret until the right time. Especially if it is a really good surprise. I’m not that great at setting things up so that there is a build up to the big surprise ending. I wouldn’t be that good at writing cliff hangers into the script. I don’t want to make anyone wait for the rest of the story. I always hate having to wait all summer while my favorite actor lies helpless under a bus somewhere.

It occurs to me that is why I didn’t like The Passion Movie. I already knew the ending. That is how I have felt about this Holy Week. (And please know that I mean absolutely no disrespect) I already know what’s coming. I know it is important. I know Sunday doesn’t happen without the events of this week in history. I know today must have been a really long, gut wrenching day for the Apostles and other followers of Christ. I know it is important to know the history of the biggest day in the history of the world. I just don’t want to spend my time focusing on that when the ending has already been revealed and it is GOOD!!


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