Just had to pass this on for anyone who may find themselves in this place now or in the future. Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful friend!

Hey Sparky! What Time Is It?

Sometimes I have to think about something a good long while before I decide what it is I actually think.  Lack of information, internal conflict, ambivalence, and apathy can all slow my processes to near gridlock.  As can my tendency to over-think things at times.

I’m sure you’re really surprised about that last one.

Or not.

Earlier this week I ran across a video that was so hauntingly beautiful that it gave me chills.  I’ve heard a lot of breathtaking renditions of this song, but I think this is one of my favorites:

I loved the song the first time I ever heard it.  That was years ago.  But I have to admit, there is a line in the song that I found disturbing, and I just couldn’t shake it.

How can a hallelujah be cold and broken?  It just sounded so…wrong.  So cynical and faithless.

The word

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  1. lammilee says:

    I do love this post! Had to post it on my FB wall as well! Love what you’ve done with your blog! Very nice, Laurie!

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