What about the neighbors?

My mind has been captured and filled with a very random pondering the past day or two. It’s one that at least feels random yet I haven’t been able to shake it out and move on. Oh sure, I’ve had other thoughts, plenty of other pondering…trust me…but this one keeps coming back.

This morning as I was considering my thankfulness and what exactly to feature in today’s Thankful Thursday post, it came to mind again. Only this time it was expanded to include another moment in history…and another. I haven’t figured out what it has to do with being thankful, so I’m either skipping that for today, or will be back with another post later.

The story of Mary and Joseph fleeing to protect the young life of Jesus came up in the bible study we are doing and it set off this pondering. Did they try to warn their friends? Did they want to warn their friends? Did they know what exactly was about to become of all the other boys His age? How long did Mary wrestle with that? Did the friends wonder why Mary and Joseph took off so fast? Where the friends bitter that their child was spared? Did they suspect they knew something? When they all found themselves back together again was it a topic of conversation? How would that have felt to Mary and Joseph? Did the people know why all their children had been slaughtered? Did anyone connect the dots later in Jesus’ life? How would that have felt? Would that have played a part when He was turned over by the people and Barabas was freed? Some of these questions can be answered in the lines of the story. Some cannot.

Then I thought about Passover and the same kinds of questions. Wouldn’t you want to warn your friends? Your neighbors? The people you lived and worked with? Were their lives so intermingled that they would have been friends of theirs? How do you wake up the next day and face these people? How does your heart not break for them in the midst of your JOY at the safety of your own?

And what about baby Moses…another similar scenario. I can’t even imagine the horror in one of these events, yet alone 3 of them. I can’t begin to understand what it must have been to live in a time when these things took place. I can’t even begin to fathom what kinds of things went thru the hearts and minds of everyone involved on both sides of these stories.

Then my mind goes to the world around me. There must be a reason these things have taken up residence in my mind and heart. There must be a reason I can’t shake them. What implication do these stories have for me? For my family? For my world? What do I know is coming that someone around me needs to be told about? Who in my circle of influence doesn’t have a clue? Who hasn’t heard there is a way out? How can I keep the news to myself and go on like nothing’s up? Maybe it’s a stretch, but it’s what resonates as I continue to ponder this one thru.


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