Thankful Thursday: His Presence!!

I really couldn’t let the day go by without a Thankful Thursday post. It just wouldn’t be cool. I have so much to be thankful for even when I’m not exactly in that place right at the moment. I figured I’d just go for it and do a post regardless of how I’m feeling.

Perhaps a haiku…

I will praise you now
Even when my heart is sad
You are praise worthy

I would rather run
But praising is much better
You inhabit them

I need you here now
I will praise your Holy Name
Come and sit with me

Your Presence is great
Your Presence is really real
I love your Presence

I’ll never be lost
Not when I’m praising your Name
It’s not possible

If I’m running fast
I’ll run in your direction
Holding out my hands

Thank you for your love
Thank you for holding my hand
Help me to trust You

Praising I will fight
You have fought and won the war
We are your children

Holy is the Lord
Who was and is here right now
And will come back soon

So take that bad tude
You cannot take His Presence
He LIVES inside me!!!


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