I had to read them to get them to shut up!

I’m really wishing I still had those skills I was supposed to have learned in High School.  I remember taking a speed reading class.  I sure hope my current speed isn’t the result of that class.  That would be scary on a number of levels.

I have so much I want to read right now.  I just finished a book yesterday.  I have two others I’m reading that I’d love to finish and then there is that 90 day Bible reading plan that I keep having to re-calibrate.  The good news on that is I’m further along than I’ve ever been in my life on a Bible reading plan and I don’t feel guilty that I keep having to re-calibrate.  I’m just glad the app lets me do that or I’d have already given up.  It’s great to be able to pick back up with a new goal in sight and know that one day I will reach the end.  I’m having fun with it which should be the point anyways.  I’m gaining some insight I didn’t have which is exactly what I was hoping for.

I know reading it all at lightening speed isn’t the point of the reading I’m doing.  It is just all so important that I want to get it read so it can get in my brain and start percolating. 

Maybe I should change my blog name to Whatcha Percolatin’?  Oh and by the way, none of the 3 books mentioned here were in the stack of books by my bed or on the list of books I started so that the stack would not continue to grow.  Nope, these are books that just jumped out and begged for my attention.  Some books are just so needy and demanding.  All I knew to do was pick them up and begin reading them so they’d stop taunting me.  So far, I’m really glad I did…

See you peeps tomorrow…I’m gonna go read.


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