Thankful Thursday: Dog Whisperers and Slime

It was a toss up today as to what was going to take top billing in my Thankful Thursday post. My handsome fella, Sara the Dog Whisperer or the Green Slime.

We have been camping with 3 dogs in our group since Wednesday. Hershey, Goldie and Scarlet. Unfortunately Goldie and Scarlet had taken sides against each other. Goldie is my 9 year old yellow lab mix. Scarlet is an 8 year old red healer mix. Both dogs were rescued by their current families from Operation Kindness. Because of their obvious disdain for each other, we have decided that they had a run in at the shelter in a former life. Cell block A vs. Cell block B kind of thing. We have had to keep them at opposite sides of the campsite.

In walks the infamous Sara (Ceaser) Townsley and her 11 year old black lab mix Monty who came from the Colony Humane Society as a puppy. He was less than enthusiastic about Hershey’s excitement to see him. He just gave her a low verbal command to tell her to calm down. She quickly tried her best submission pose and would have crawled underneath him if she could have.

Sara decided she would take all the dogs on a walk to re-acquaint them. She started with Hershey and Monty. Worked like a charm. The crazy chocolate tornado walk nicely next her her and Monty. Next up, Goldie. She added Goldie to the mix and once again, peachy keen. Now it was time to put Goldie and Scarlet back together. I walked to the back of the campsite. I didn’t want to be there for the bloodbath that was sure to ensue.



Uh, hmm, Scarlet is the dog walking nicely between Goldie and Monty. Wow!! No blood! Not even a tiny growl!

So, that is enough to be thankful for, but I have more that cannot go unnoticed. As I said in my last post, my bicycle has a flat. Well, thanks to my handsome fella and Green Slime I am back in business. I can now freely bike around the country. The fella went to three or four stores looking for an inner tube, but no one had the right size in stock. Never fear, Green Slime is here. The fella showed back up with a can of the stuff and we are good as new.


Oh, and did I mention we now have another outhouse just outside our tent? No more 4:00am bike rides for me! šŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Dog Whisperers and Slime

  1. That Sara us something else! She’s not afraid if those dogs!

  2. Deborah Way says:

    gotta get me one of those outhouse tents!

    • Laurie Wade says:

      It is on my list of stuff to add to our camping gear. Two peeps in our group had them. It’s actually made for a shower, but it could be used for both! Just when we think we finally have all our gear, we find something else we just have to have!!

      • lammilee says:

        Ok, never heard of it….but is now on my camping list! Who knew that in the middle of no where, you could compromise with the vulnerabilities of being a woman in the ‘underbrush?’ You guys are definitely ‘rocking’ the camping scene!!!

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