Camping at it’s finest

Some of the things you might experience if you go camping with our peeps:

Really large PINK ax

Reading on a Kindle

Old fashioned paper books

Games on a smart phone

Board games (still packed away)

Card games

Air mattresses in tents

Potties inside an outhouse tent

Magnesium fire starter

Weed burning on the fire

Electric coffee pots

Campfire coffee

Manicures with green polish

Bike rides


Girl drama


Propane cooking

Campfire cooking



Worship music

This is the best group of peeps you could ever hope to camp with!!





2 thoughts on “Camping at it’s finest

  1. angiereed64 says:

    LOVE it!!! You guys are building memories….wish I was there with you all! Love the pics…expecially the one of Eric with the big pink axe!! lol Love you all! Please give everyone a hug from me, cause you know if I were there I would do it myself! : )

  2. lammilee says:

    I am so happy for this ‘retreat’ away from “Life as we know it.” Camping has always been a retreat from all of the ‘voices’ that are trying to steal that which brings true JOY! Camping not only connected me with the things that mattered, but with the Creator of all that mattered! Blessings times 100, on all that truly matters! Refreshing…while surrounded by what is real…and walking away with the deepest of foundations in what will stand the tests of time and prove to be the Heart of the Kingdom!!! My heart rejoices in where you are….and what you are taking in!!!

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