It’s awfully quiet up there!

I may have to resort to something I haven’t done on this blog in a long time. I may have to go in search of blog prompts. Okay, the onion ring recipe post was technically a blog prompt from my peeps, but I’ve pretty much been just grabbing stuff out of the recesses of my mind for the rest.

I don’t know what is going on up there, but the pondering hasn’t been working out so well for the pondering posts. I had anticipated that I would have a great deal on my mind during this season to blog about. Quite the opposite has happened.

Mostly…I’ve got nothing! Hopefully a few days in the great outdoors will help. I was going to say, fresh air, but then I remembered our one room tent is going to be housing 4 humans and two dogs. Uh, yes, the tent has those flaps you can let down and let the breeze blow thru. That may end up on the Thankful Thursday post.

I better get back to packing up the camp kitchen….I wonder how far the campsite is to a Sonic. I will have my bicycle….


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