Music Monday: Now and Later

Some days you just find yourself in a funk.  Sometimes those days turn into weeks.  I’m determined for this not to turn into months.  I’m not sure what this funk is about.  I have some ideas, but none that I can fix overnight.  None that I will be able to fix on my own without the help of the only One who can really lift me permanently out of this place.  No, I don’t need advice or drugs.  This thing is coming from a place in my soul.  I don’t think anyone has ever found a magic pill for that kind of funk.  I do know the Great Physician though and He already has this one worked out for me.  This song definately fits the place I feel myself in at the moment:

I think today might actually be a good day for some David Crowder Band. How can you stay in a funk with songs like these filling the air?


One thought on “Music Monday: Now and Later

  1. Victoria says:

    I do understand being in a funk….the kind that you don’t really know why and don’t really know how to get out of….but God does…praying He takes you by the hand and leads you right on outta that funk! ❤

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