Jealous on a soap box!

This is a terribly sore subject with me right now, but it just keeps coming up, so I thought I’d put some thoughts down on the subject and see what happens. 

I picked up my bible a little while back with the intention of reading it in 90 days.  I had a reading plan downloaded on my Kindle Fire and all was well.  I’m still reading, but I keep having to re-calibrate the plan.  I’m not sure which date I actually started, but this app is so gracious that when you recalibrate it changes your start date and your end date so that it appears that you actually read it in 90 days.  I love it when grace is physically built into stuff.  Oh…that is not where I was going with this post.

Have you ever noticed that God has an incredible way with timing circumstances.  He knows exactly when certain events in my life are going to happen.  He knows exactly when I am going to read something.  He knows exactly when I am going to hear someone say something.  He knows when someone is going to post a blog or update their FB status.  And, what is really cool is how He orchestrates the timing of all those separate events to speak something to me that needed all those parts to come together at just the right time.  And, it’s not a fluke.  He has done that kind of thing for me over and over and over.  I am beginning to recognize it now.  I did not always recognize it.  In fact, it hasn’t been that long ago that I didn’t recognize it, but it is happening so often of late, that it is becoming increasingly hard to ignore.  The cool thing is, He is doing this all the time for all His kids, all over the world at the same time.  Wow!  That in and of itself could blow your mind.  Oh…back to this post.

See, this is why it is much better for me to put my thoughts down on paper and not try to just wing it if I have something really important I want to share.  At least if I am blogging about something I can revise it and you never have to see how distracted I was before I got to the point of the blog.  If I were to try to just sit down and talk to you face to face about this subject we might never get to the point of the story.  Oh…it’s a good thing I included the subject matter in the title before I started writing…I almost forgot where I was going with this.

Every time I turn around lately, I find myself face to face with the subject of jealousy.  It is all over the first part of the Old Testament.  I’m just now getting to Numbers in my bible reading adventure, but jealousy caused a lot of trouble in just the first 4 books of the Bible.  I’ve got a hunch it doesn’t stop at Numbers either.  But that is not the only place I have seen jealousy in the past few weeks or years.  I have either seen someone become jealous of another person and act in some very unbecoming ways, or I have been the object of a person’s jealousy and have been treated unfairly because of it.  I read a blog post yesterday that was posted last week on the same day I was reading the referenced story in my reading plan. They had no idea and there could have been any number of stories that would have worked for their blog.  It just happened to be the one from my reading.  And seriously, how often does a story get used in a blog out of Numbers?  And right as all these reminders of jealousy are presenting themselves, the book I am reading covers a major reason for jealousy in one of its first few chapters.  The funny thing is, I have read this book before.  I had picked it up to re-read for some other reasons, but right off the bat, the subject of jealousy is front and center..AGAIN.

In the subject of time and because if you ARE still reading, you would probably like me to get to my point, I’ll leave you with something for you to ponder about jealousy from this book.  I think it is an important piece to understanding what God is trying to show me during this season when jealousy seems to be front and center in one way or another. 

“The revelation of our true identity will destroy the spirit of poverty in our lives.  Until that happens we will keep thinking there are limits on what we get to have.  As a result, we are jealous of anyone who receives something that we don’t have.  This leaks into all aspects of our lives including work, friends, and positions within the church.”

I sure wish we could all get a handle on this before jealous completely destroys all the good work that could be accomplished without it.  It has sure been around a long time, but then again, I guess we’ve all been trying to get back to our true identity since very close to the beginning of time…haven’t we.  Come on!  We need to start living up to who God made us to be and stop fretting over what He didn’t make us.  We need to stop comparing ourselves to what He has made or given someone else.  He’s got more than enough to go around!!!  He has a place for each one of us.  He has room for each one of us.  He has a job for each one of us.  He needs each one of us with all of our individual gifts, talents and weaknesses.  He uses all that stuff in each of us every day.  He is made strong in our weaknesses…all of our weaknesses…mine and yours.  He offers grace for our weaknesses.  Perhaps we should offer that grace to each other.  Perhaps with a bit more grace, jealousy would stop being such a problem.


5 thoughts on “Jealous on a soap box!

  1. Lisa says:

    I think you and I have discussed this issue enough for you to know my great distaste for jealousy. It’s a very destructive thing to entertain, that’s for sure.

  2. Angie Reed says:

    This really speaks to me…..I really have to work hard sometimes when I think of those parents who have great relationships with their teens….I’m not sure it’s jealousy, but more of a “what have I done wrong to be where I’m at” kind of mentality. I still need to remember that any time I’m wanting what others have, it’s not good, and keeps me from seeing all that God wants me to see. Love your heart, Laurie…oh, and thank you for FINALLY getting to the point! : )

    • Laurie Wade says:

      This makes me wonder if jealousy isn’t kin to coveting. I’m pretty sure they are cousins. I hope this didn’t sound like I was saying I never find myself struggling with this. It has just been a huge thing I’ve noticed lately. I’ve seen some very damaging things come from it recently. I think it is pretty easy to do if you don’t have your eyes focused on Him and what He is calling you to do. My personal struggle with this tends to be when I’m not doing what God has called me to do and be and I allow myself to start feeling sorry for myself for not having something someone else has. My personal struggle with this would tend to be from more of a spiritual, I want that gift or that ability or that level of relationship. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting more. I hope there isn’t. I think the problem is when we want more at the expense of what someone else has. I don’t think God’s calling in our lives would ever be at the expense of someone elses calling and that is where I think this whole jealousy issue can get really ugly, really fast.

      I’ve seen others deflect their own hurts and failures on others who do not have those particular struggles and wish bad things on them. I’ve been the recipient of those types of curses and don’t think they are the least bit beneficial to relationships or Kingdom living. I’ve never seen the person issuing those types of curses blessed in that particular area of life, ever. I’ve only seen plenty of damage come from it.

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