Did He give us that much power?

So…If believing a lie empowers the enemy, does believing God empower Him? That is the question I have been pondering and praying about today. Frankly, the initial thought that my belief or unbelief would affect God’s power is a bit hard for me to swallow. It’s hard for me to go to a place where I believe that I have any control over God’s power. Doesn’t that sound a bit, a lot blasphemous? I could affect the power of the creator of the Universe by whether or not I believe?  The statement that spurred this pondering was, “When we believe in God, we empower the Holy Spirit and the angels to bring about His will.”  That is a pretty bold statement isn’t it?

It isn’t nearly as big of a stretch for me to believe I can empower Satan by believing a lie. All sorts of chaos breaks out when he gets us to believe lies. Trust is broken, relationships fall apart, wars break out…all sorts of nasty stuff happens that needed us to believe a lie in order to manifest. What about fear? I can agree with the statement that “if we believe something is going to go wrong, we have given our faith to the enemy.”  If the enemy can get me to live my life from a place of fear, he can wreak all sorts of havoc in my life and those around me. He can even make me physically sick if I live in a place of fear long enough. Isn’t anxiety a manifestation of fear? Live in an anxious state for very long and you’re gonna develop some health consequences.

Okay, back to the original thought…Am I really able to empower the Holy Spirit and the angels?  Does my faith actually empower the Creator of the Universe?

He sure didn’t need my faith in order to create the Universe.  I wasn’t there when He set this world in motion.  I wasn’t there when He hung the stars.  I wasn’t there when He formed me and wove me together.  I wasn’t there when He wrote all my days in His book.  And what about the praise He deserves?  He clearly said that even if we keep quiet about Him, the rocks with cry out.  Doesn’t sound to me like the Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent God needs my help.  How on earth would my faith empower a God like that?

BUT, what do you do with the stories where people did petition God and He changed His mind like in Exodus 32:9-14?  What do you do with scriptures about faith where it is quite obvious a person’s faith was the deciding factor in what God did?  You know, like moving mountains with a mustard seed of faith.  Scriptures of God’s healing being the direct result of a person’s faith (Matthew 15:28 and Matthew 9:2)  I’m sure there are many more examples.

This one is going to take a lot more prayer and study for me to work thru in my mind.  I know without faith I cannot please God.  I know without faith I have no hope to do anything that God has planned for me to do as in John 14:12. 

Maybe this is one of those things I am looking at thru the wrong lens.  I’ve had a lot of things come up like this lately that don’t make sense to my mind when I look at them from a physical, human standpoint, but if you look at them with spiritual eyes they make perfect sense.  It doesn’t make sense to ask for humility and boldness in the same prayer unless you look at it from a spiritual standpoint.  It doesn’t make sense to ask God to remove pride from your life and then ask Him to give you greater confidence in your role as a daughter of the King unless you realize what is controlling the pride and what you are asking for in spiritual terms.

I do know one thing for sure right now.  God gave us free will.  God invited us to be a part of His Kingdom.  He invited us to play a vital and important role in our world of influence that only we can play.  He gave us a commission.  He gave us the Holy Spirit to guide us and empower us and lead our steps.  He planned for us to partner with Him in the world we live in.  He gave us the ability to live by faith or not.  He made promises to us that require faith for them to be manifest in our lives.

This is one of those times I’d love for you to ponder along with me because this one is much bigger than I can ponder alone.


6 thoughts on “Did He give us that much power?

  1. Lisa says:

    Ok…you asked for it. 😉

    Check out Matthew 13. In particular, check out the very last verse, verse 58.

  2. Lisa says:

    You can read “faith” as “willingness to believe and agree”.

  3. Sara Townsley says:

    Here’s my ponder….. If you belive in God, you give…. hand over… more power for God to work in your life. Without the belief, it is really hard for God to work because you are listening to other voices instead of His. Sure, God could do it anyway, but would it make as much of difference in your life if you didn’t believe it came from God. A gift has no meaning for you if you don’t accept it. Especially if the gift is God pointing out something that you need to change to make your life better. For instance, if I came up to you and said that you needed to change something about yourself (like if you are wearing a color that is very wrong for you), it could go one of two ways. One… we don’t have a good or close relationship and you do not believe in our friendship and think I’m mean for saying something and you disregard it …. or, maybe you still make the change, but your heart isn’t in it and it causes bitterness between us. Two… you believe that I am your true friend and that I wouldn’t tell you anything to harm you, only help you. You recieve the “gift” with the love it was intended to carry and make a change with a happy, loving heart and the relationship grows closer. It is the belief in our friendship that makes this kind of gift easier to accept. It also gives the gift more power because you believe it to be true and not a lie. God always has the power, but we empower Him IN our lives by believing that He has control and knows what’s best. Our believe doesn’t give Him his power in general, but it does give Him more power to use us and mold us into what He wants us to be.

  4. Joann says:

    I read this out loud to Matthew as we were driving today. For some reason the comments aren’t showing up so I may be repeating something, but here was our discussion. When we believe, have faith, we give God access to use us to do His will. That being said, God definitely uses those without faith, but when we believe we give Him permission to fill us with the Spirit and His power. Because we believe we invite His power into our lives. I definitely believe that when we believe the lies that Satan feeds us that we are giving permission to have chaos in our lives. I’m so glad you ponder these things!!

  5. Laurie Wade says:

    Thanks for all the input. I am amazed at God. I think it amazing that He gives us such a huge roll in His Kingdom that without our faith…

    Isn’t that amazing to y’all? It does seem to boil down to relationship with Him…one more time.

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