What day do we feast?

Okay, I already know the answer…Sunday…I can do this!!!  I can wait 2 more days to take a peek on FB and see what all my peeps have been up to.  I really can!!

I can also wait until Sunday to post a status update…on FB!

Thankfully, I also have this here blog and I can post a days worth of status updates all in one place without having to go on FB to do it!  😉 My friend Jenn told me it’s not cheating so I’m going to trust she knows what she is talking about! 🙂 Besides, I can honestly say Jenn made me do it!  (Thanks Jenn!)

…when did black socks with shorts become cool…and Middle Schooler’s think we are strange?

…why am I having to make so many copies if the students are bringing their technology to school…can’t they do this on the Internet and save a tree or two or three?

…wonders why a librarian would interrupt someone reading a book to let them know if they get bored she has some magazines they are welcome to read.

…wonders if her friends have noticed that her texts sound alot like status updates.

…hopes nail polish is prophetic since she just had her nails painted Pretty and Priveledged.

…thinks Labrador retrievers look really silly sporting purple panties…so does Hershey!

…is not a fan of sweet potato tator tots…too healthy.

…is thankful for friends who extend grace and opportunities to learn and grow…they are rare jewels!!

…is thankful she got to see a friend in person because she didn’t answer the post they put on her FB wall.  🙂

…just cooked 10 pounds of hamburger meat and is thankful for Chef Sheri again who cooked 100 pounds for us yesterday.

…is thankful for caffiene…pretty sure she’s gonna need an extra dose for the lock-in shift…thankful she chose the IHOP timeslot!!

…is thankful she was able to get all the status updates off her chest without getting on FB!  😉

See you peeps on Sunday!!





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