It can’t hurt too bad…can it?

Tomorrow is the beginning of Lent. That has never meant much to me personally. I do not come from a heritage that recognizes Lent and so it has always been a bit of a mystery to me. Like so many faith traditions, if it wasn’t mine, it didn’t interest me.

I’ve had a change of heart where that is concerned. No, Lent is still not a part of my current churches tradition, but it is a tradition that appears to me to hold a great deal of value in a person’s spiritual walk. A dedicated span of time to give up something as a sacrifice to God. A time to give up something and replace that desire with more time with God. I don’t really know what all is involved in the tradition of Lent. I’ll be doing some reading and learning as this season moves along. Not because I have to. Not because I’m following a tradition. Because I want a closer walk with Him and I am interested in traditions that foster that.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book I read this past year during my first introduction to Advent and am looking forward to the one I’ve got that was recommended for Lent. I’m looking forward to the focus. I’m looking forward to seeing what God has in store for this time. He had some pretty cool surprises packed up in the Advent journey. I’m pretty sure He has more surprises where those came from.

Last year my girls’ babysitter, who was a Senior in High School, gave up Facebook for Lent. It amazed me that she was able to do that. I know her life was richly blessed by the things God showed her during that time. I want this journey into Lent to be truly meaningful. I’ve prayed about what would be a significant sacrifice for this time. One that would truly make an impact for me. I know people give up all sorts of things for Lent. I decided I really wanted this to count for me.

This season also coincides with my husbands change in shift and I wanted to choose something that might also bless our new found time together. So, I will give up FB for this season. I’ve given it up before, but never more than a week.

I’ve been told that in the tradition of Lent there is a safety valve called Feast Sunday. I may have to hit the valve if I feel myself start to spontaneously combust from the lack of FB access. I’m really glad that little bit of grace was built into this tradition.


5 thoughts on “It can’t hurt too bad…can it?

  1. Candy says:

    You mentioned that you’d given up Facebook but never longer than a week….which makes me curious as to how long Lent lasts? This was cool! Each detail of Advent is very purposeful and meaningful in the placing of their hope in the Promise of the Messiah. So, isn’t Lent from Catholic origins? I love that we can connect with the original heartbeat of something and that it can teach us. I don’t know much about it either, but am eager to learn. Please share along the way what you learn, and how long you’ll be gone for. 🙂

    • Laurie Wade says:

      I believe the origins are Catholic, but I really don’t know. I am doing this for the spirit of Lent. It lasts 40 days. Apparently Sunday’s are feast days and whatever you have given up for Lent can be consumed that day.

      I’ll be glad to share as I go along, but if you want more concrete information you may want a more knowledgable source. 😉

      • Candy says:

        Actually I just read the blog that Tara Mansbridge Owens wrote, 13 Things To Give Up For Lent
        Anam Cara It was quite informative and I learned 3 things. 1. It lasts for 40 days 2. The spirit of Lent would definitely be why I would want to do this at some point, because it is recognizing and putting into remembrance and honoring all that was the passion of Christ to give Himself for us 3. Giving up whatever you choose is not so much about the giving up of something (even though you do), but it is more about becoming more available to be drawn closer to Him!

        That’s all I know so far…..but I am very drawn to the spirit of Lent.

  2. Chris Biggerstaff says:

    I have not read all of this but it may explain a bit about Lent.

    • Candy says:

      Chris, I just read the link you provided….and it explained a lot more. Thank you! The waters were muddied for me when the article mentioned [Mardi Gras or Carnival]. I can easily see how an original celebration of the Holy One, could be perverted by the world….but all I have ever heard or seen of Mardi Gras, makes me want to run the other way and not be associated with it. Or is the Mardi Gras in New Orleans not associated with this? These questions are not meant to insult at all, I am just ignorant of this subject and would like to be enlightened. 🙂

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