What’s in the gap?

Last night I went to bed thinking about the gaps in life. The places in life between where we are and where we want to be. The places that are in between the old and the new. The places between what was and what will be. The places in life between old habits and new ones. The places between old broken belief systems and new ones. The place between brokenness and healing. The place between bondage and freedom.

There are several things I know about the gap. It can be a very difficult place to walk if you don’t have the prize in front of you. It can be difficult even if you are well aware of the prize. Some gaps seem relatively short between places. Some seem to go on and on. The gaps that seem to go on forever require a great deal of focus and trust not to get lost on the way. They take a lot of determination not to turn around and go back to “safety”.

The enemy throws a lot of stuff at people in the gap to try to make them turn around. In my own journey, I’ve seen him use fear, pride, shame, self-doubt and loneliness. Sometimes turning back looks a lot better when that stuff is being thrown at you. Sometimes where you have been is familiar and seems a lot safer.

But there is something else I know about the gap. It’s where the best adventures happen. It’s where life happens. It’s where the hand of grace and mercy are bestowed on the traveler. It’s where relationship happens. It’s where the majority of growth as a person takes place. It is inevitable and necessary. It is the only way to go from one place to the next.

I tend to want to jump over the gap and get on to the next place, but there is learning and growth that needs to happen in the gap that won’t happen without the struggles. The gap is necessary for the strength you will need when you get where you are going. Strength you can’t obtain any other way.

I also know that God provides everything I will need in the gap. He provides His comfort, His guidance, His protection, His mercy and His grace. He is there to hold our hand when we must travel alone and provides fellow travelers to lighten the load when that is what we need. He sends travelers ahead to forge a path or lights our way so that we can forge a path for another traveler that must travel this same path a little later on.

I think I will try to embrace what God has planned in the gaps of life because that is where Kingdom living takes place.


2 thoughts on “What’s in the gap?

  1. lammilee says:

    Loved this, Laurie! So true….so vital….and so rewarding…..if, as you say, we can be conscious enough of not losing sight of the ‘prize’, in the middle of whatever we are going through, growing through, or arriving at. Really love this….gonna share your blog on my FB wall if that’s ok with you. Let me know!

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