And then there was the thief!

The enemy can be so clever, but I am on to him.  He is not happy with the joy that I have felt the past couple of days.  He is not happy about the praise and worship of God that has taken place in the places that I have been.  He is not happy that I have been able to look back at my life to the many places that God has been active and working in a mighty way.  He is not happy that God has gotten the credit for the joy in my heart and the many blessings of life I have been given.

The enemy would like me to look back at hardship.  He would like me to look back and see any place that I have been disappointed by an outcome.  He would like me to look back and blame all those around me for any unhappiness I may have encountered along the way.  He would like me to see a lifetime of regret and disappointment instead of a lifetime of love and joy and peace that He has showered down upon me.  He would like to make sure I never forget the hurts while completely forgetting all the blessings.  He would like me to be so overcome by what is not that I cannot see what is.  He would like to cut off all remembrances of joy.

The enemy wants that for all of us.  He wants to steal, kill and destroy all that is good.  He wants us to be miserable and disappointed.  He does not want us to ever come to a place where we set our minds on God.  He does not want us to find a relationship with God that no one else can fill.  He wants us to be so consumed by self that somehow the entire world revolves around us and owes us something that only God can give us.

I pray that I never find myself in a place where I cannot find joy even in sorrow.  I pray that God will always be such a powerful force in my life that when I am tempted to sit in self pity and sorrow, He will be there to lift me up.  I pray that I will never stop listening for that voice.  I pray that I will always be aware of the need to take every thought captive!!  I pray I will never be used by the enemy to steal the joy of another because of some lie he wants me to believe about myself or someone else.  I pray that I will celebrate when others celebrate the goodness of their God!


3 thoughts on “And then there was the thief!

  1. Joann says:

    I really needed your post today. I needed it last week actually, but today especially. I am struggling, struggling to keep my head above the water, struggling to be joyful in the midst of this depression that keeps pulling me under. I am grateful for the post because it gave me some clarity.

  2. Nancy Kepple says:

    That was absolutely beautiful. Love to you, Nancy

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