One thing leads to another…just like painting a room.

Have you ever noticed if you start painting in a house, it just leads to another project? If you freshen up the paint in one room, the remaining rooms start showing their dirt and begging for attention. If you paint the walls, the baseboards beg to be freshened up a bit. If you paint the walls in the kitchen, the cabinets and countertops start asking for a facelift.

Well, as I begin to contemplate my prayer life and the need for powerful, bold and meaningful prayers backed by scripture, it occurs to me that another area of my spiritual life will reap the benefits. I can’t pray scripture over my family if I’m not in it. I may be able to make it a short while with a few scriptures that are in the recesses of my mind. I might even be able to find a few in my books, but that seems a bit insufficient for the task at hand.

This desire for a more meaningful and powerful prayer life is going to require a facelift in not only my communication towards God, but also in my listening to Him and searching out His word and what His desires and promises are. Sure, I know the basics, but I want specifics that are meaningful for this season. I can’t possibly do that if I’m not listening to Him and spending time in His word.

I think I’m starting to like asking God things. He has much bigger answers than my questions. He knew I’d be needing so much more than I was asking for. Just another example of a generous God, I think.

Now where is that painters tape…or maybe I should do this project without worrying if my lines are perfectly straight…


One thought on “One thing leads to another…just like painting a room.

  1. Joann says:

    I think that I am much like you. I have read so many of the recommended books, done the bible study, have purchased many of the books that relate to certain seasons in my life, but have failed to stay in the word deeply enough and sometimes failed to stay in at all. As I began this year listening to the audio version of reading through the bible in a year, I am learning things that I had no clue about and it’s making me more and more curious about the rest of His word. What is it that I have been missing? I think this may be the first step in realizing a better prayer life as well. Hearing the prayers of the imperfect people that God used in mighty ways to shape our past, is really inspiring.

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