Thankful Thursday: A good night to be in a funk!

Today I’m struggling a bit to write my Thankful Thursday post. I’d really hate to miss the very 1st Thursday of the new year. I have so incredibly much to be thankful for it shouldn’t be hard to write. There are only 52 Thursdays in a year and I have way more than 52 blessings.

Frankly, I’m in a funk! It’s really difficult to look outside the walls of a funk. I’d go have myself one of those Itty Bitty Pitty parties, but I haven’t got any snacks for my party basket and I just don’t want to party without some snacks. What is a party of any size without a snack?

I’m headed out later tonight for some worship time and hoping that will help my funk. Frankly, I’d prefer to go find a nice quiet place that I could be all alone in this funk. Thankfully, this night of worship is pretty unique and while I won’t be alone physically, there is room and freedom for one to be alone in their own space with God during the night.

I’ll just stop here and thank God that He has provided an opportunity like that for me on this very night when some time with Him is exactly what my heart needs. I have questions and He has answers. I think I’ll just soak that in for a bit…


One thought on “Thankful Thursday: A good night to be in a funk!

  1. Sheri says:

    I hope your funk is better. 🙂

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