Take them captive, put them to sleep or send them on a rabbit trail…you pick!

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One of the reasons I started this blog was so that I could ponder in community. The most awesome thing is happening. That is exactly what has become of this. Maybe not from my specific blog, but from a community of bloggers I have gotten to know. It started out as a group to provide some accountability to blog on a daily basis and develop a regular blogging habit. That was fun enough in and of itself. But lately, a group of peeps in the group has begun to share the deeper parts of life with each other. It has become a place to share deeper thoughts on the things that really matter in life…the spiritual side of life. I love that since the spiritual side of life turns out to be the one that is the most important. It turns out to be the one that drives the rest of life…if we allow it to. Well, actually, it drives it whether we like it or not. Turns out we don’t have to just be blown around by it. We can actually become an active part in our own spiritual life. If we couldn’t…if we weren’t supposed to…we wouldn’t have been given the freedom of choice.

My mind is spinning about a million miles an hour right now, which is puzzling considering how sleepy I am. My body is only going at a snail’s pace….

Back to my post….

So, one of these new peeps has started what I consider to be a very brave blog. She is going to be sharing entries from her personal prayer journals from the past 10 years. This is hugely brave and a huge blessing to others. How incredible that someone would put their personal thoughts out there for others. How incredible that someone would put their prayer life out there for others. I’ve said before how I love to hear others pray. I love to hear what others speak to God from their hearts either for themselves or on behalf of others. It takes me to a phrase that has come to mean something special to me…Deep calls to Deep… Maybe that is what I love so much about pondering in community and this blog group.

Today her entry really put me to pondering. The interesting thing is, it did others too, but not for all the same reasons even though it wasn’t a really lengthy entry. Funny how that works out… The line in the blog that really struck me today was “Strange thought: does the brain lose its freedom in something like a coma, or does it gain it?” She had just been talking about Psalm 16:5-11. The verse that just jumped out of there and into my heart and was vs. 7 “I will praise the Lord, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me.”

I never really used to think too much about dreams. I dreamed a lot, but never really gave them much weight as being something that might possibly be from God. I never really thought they were much more than my mind being restless. I never really thought about them being anything more than something I ate.

But then I started paying attention to the ones that seemed to stick with me for a while. I started paying attention to the ones that caused a stirring in my soul. They don’t all do that. Some of them just flutter by and carry no meaning. I am convinced that God never stops revealing himself to my heart. I think this verse pretty much says that for me. “Even at night my heart instructs me.” I have started cherishing those moments when He reveals something to me when I’m not thinking too much. I love it when thoughts of Him come so unexpectedly they can’t possibly be something I conjured up in my spinning wheels. I guess that is why I have become especially fond of dreams because I am not in control of those. All fear and control is laid to rest when I am asleep. When I am asleep, my mind is truly free just to listen to whatever He has to say. I love that!!


One thought on “Take them captive, put them to sleep or send them on a rabbit trail…you pick!

  1. Joann says:

    You and your pondering are a blessing to me!!

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