Back to Walmart…

Well, I left you with a cliffhanger on my last blog. I know it wasn’t a real exciting one, but I figure I should at least fill you in on the story before you lose sleep or fill it in with details of your own. Although, it might be fun to hear what some of your over-active imaginations are thinking.

Yes, I took my two preteen girls shopping on the day after Christmas…all by myself…to a crowded mall! Then I drove on construction filled highways to get to more stores which were equally crowded with shoppers. (Yes, Sparky, I got lost, turned around). I stood and sat and watched and waited patiently all day as they searched and searched for the perfect shirts and shoes. We all had a great, drama free time. I’d even do it again!! It was a drama free day with the only exceptions being the occasional nail-biting dilemma of whether or not to spend their precious money. They even both waited patiently while the other one was trying on clothes. They managed the crowds of people with much less outward anxiety than I was feeling on the inside.

So, we decided to stop at one more store around 6:00pm before heading home to eat leftovers (still without the frozen rolls). I needed dog food and wanted to get some pods for the Keurig and the girls had a gift card to WALMART….

No, the drama at Wal-Mart was not caused by any of the Wade peeps. We managed to mind our own business, cooperate as the others shopped for their stuff and get in line like all the other self-respecting shoppers. The trouble started there.  I don’t know if it was the fact that we had a very young, innocent looking checker or if it was the fact the girls were waiting patiently for their turn to check out with a reasonable distance between them and the person being checked out in front of them, but that is when a lady who was obviously old enough to know the rules, stepped in our line in front of the girls with nothing but a receipt in hand.  She never made eye contact, never said a word, just assumed her position where her position wasn’t supposed to be.  As soon as the man in front of us was thru checking out, she had her receipt shoved in the face of the checker and was asking for special privileges.  She wanted a mistake on her ticket to be corrected then and there and she did not want to stand in the long line at the customer service counter.  She didn’t have a basket or any sacks with her, so it was apparent she had shopped at some other time and was back for something that clearly needed to be taken care of at Customer Service.  She made it very clear she did not intend to stand in line at customer service and wanted help then and there.  She was not only not going to customer service, she was not going to stand in any line…

Well, I didn’t give the checker the chance to decide whether or not she was going to honor her request.  I chimed in with the answer, “She can after she checks us out.”  I don’t know if she could help her or not, but we were in line and at the time this lady cut in front of my girls, she could have been the next in line behind us.  I had no intention of letting her cut in front of the girls who had been standing there patiently waiting their turn like civilized human beings.  Much to my surprise and the girls and the lady, the checker handed her receipt back to her and told her she was going to check us out and she would call the manager to come over and see about her receipt.

So, we checked out and left and I have no idea what happened with this lady except that the checker asked the guy behind me to wait while she helped this lady.  I don’t know how he took that news, I didn’t stick around to find out.  I don’t know how the manager handled the ladies request to cut in the regular lines and circumvent the customer service desk where many other people were standing patiently, or not, in line to get their requests handled.  All I know is I stood up for my kids against someone who clearly thought she could intimidate her way thru life.  She clearly believed she was entitled to live by her own rules at the expense of anyone else in her path.  Thankfully the girls were as appalled at her behaviour as I was.  They recognized it as rude and out of line.  It is sad that a 10 and 12-year-old know more social rules than someone in her 50’s or 60’s.

I was very proud of my girls yesterday!  I got to see them giggle and laugh with each other, help each other, respect each other and take responsibility for their own decisions.  I got to see them live well in relation to the people around them.  Hopefully they are learning from the good and bad choices of people they come in contact with in this world and will continue to make the right choices when they have a choice to stand in line and wait their turn or bully their way thru life.  I hope they are learning how to respectfully stand up for themselves.

Now, I am going to go enjoy a cup of hot tea…


One thought on “Back to Walmart…

  1. lammilee says:

    I have done alot more ‘laying low’ this season….for this very reason. Of course when my 3 grown sons were still at home, this was not as easily avoided. But I did and still do see more than a ‘fair’ amount of rudeness in the public arena! It is pretty appalling that some have zero respect for others and even push past the courteous suggested ways of getting your need met, to blatantly demanding special attention, making up their own rules as they go. No one matters but them and their agenda. I can’t even begin to imagine the lack of intimate friendships in their lives…..unless it is only a comaradery with other like-minded people.

    I’m glad you took the stand you did, with that lady and the cashier (who was probably bumfuzzled by this womans behavior), and I am equally proud of your girls for displaying such loving, patient & tolerant behavior during the whole day.

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