Christmas 2011 – It was a great one!

The presents have all been unwrapped, the electronics mostly set up and soon the food will all be out of the oven and set on the table for a nice Christmas dinner with one handsome fella and two beautiful girls (minus the frozen rolls I forgot about).  We have had a great weekend!  At the beginning of this season, I was determined to change my focus.  Thanks to some friends who celebrate Advent and a book recommendation, I had a focus I’ve never had on this level before.  It was wonderful!!  I would highly recommend you have your own version of Advent next year if you have never celebrated Christmas in that way.  It was so much more than I expected it to be for me!

I continue to learn and grow as I take part in the lives of others who do things different from me.  I am able to learn and grow from other people’s traditions.  I am learning that traditions are a wonderful way to connect with others and God on a very meaningful level.  I think that is why they are so important and become so engrained in people.  I don’t know what things I want to hold onto as tradition.  I’m actually having a good time just enjoying them as new experiences.  I kinda like taking part in the experience apart from the need to follow a set of rules that sometimes attach themselves to tradition.

I will likely make Advent a part of my December on some level going forward.  It has been a great time and has added a richness to Christmas for me that I have really enjoyed.  Who knows?  I may even add a few candles to my celebration and do more than just enjoy your pictures of your own candle lighting.

This year our family enjoyed time together in our home just spending time with each other.  Some years will be just the four of us, some years will include more of the extended family.  We know both with add a richness to the season for that year and will be just what our spirits need.  This year, I think our spirits needed the closeness of our immediate family.

I hope you enjoy some of the pictures from our weekend.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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