So this is how my friends get everything done…

I sit here in front of this screen with absolutely nothing to say and way to much to do to sit here and ponder up something.  I need to make a to do list for tomorrow.  I have one for work, but I need one for all the other areas of my life.  Maybe I’ll just do that.  I promise not to give you the detailed version.  I’ll just put the highlights on here.  When I get off the computer I’ll go fill in all the details so I’ll have more things I can mark off as I go about my day tomorrow.  Here goes:


Finish laundry

Clean house

Finish Christmas shopping

Wrap presents

Shop for groceries

II better get off this computer and go tend to some of the things on the list so I can enjoy my weekend with a clean house and food to eat.  Who wants to have to cook and clean this weekend?  Well, I do want to cook this weekend, but who wants to be doing any of the shopping for that this weekend.  I personally want to get all of that finished up tomorrow so I can relax and enjoy my weekend.

I am not in the habit of making to-do lists, so if you have something on yours that I’m missing that you think I may have forgotten to do, feel free to let me know.  I did almost forget about a dessert for my family’s Christmas dinner, so you never know what other details I may be missing.


2 thoughts on “So this is how my friends get everything done…

  1. Lana Vaughan says:

    Take time to be thankful.

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