Standing on the Rim!

You know, there are days when you just need a little extra leverage to get the job done.  Gracie was having one of those moments last night.  Thanks to our awesome sitter, she received a lesson in plunging.  She did not fall in the toilet.  I was thankful there were no rings showing for the world to see when this picture was posted on FB.  Everything seemed normal when I got home, so it appears that all is good.  It’s nice when some life lessons are taught to your children by others.  It really does take a village and now my youngest peep will be able to unstop her own toilet the next time the need should arise.


One thought on “Standing on the Rim!

  1. lammilee says:

    Too cute!!! So are you using this pic for blackmail when you need it? (Tee-hee!)

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