Giving up power is so…powerful.

“Lord Jesus, you gave away your divine power to become enfleshed – one of us. Help us to give away what power we receive from you, that we, though insignificant, may be like showers of refreshing water to those around us. Amen.”

I read this prayer a couple of days ago and have been pondering it ever since. There just seems to be a lot packed into this prayer.

The first thing I thought about is just how truly incredible it is that Jesus willingly gave up his power as God to become a man and live with all the limitations of man. That in and of itself baffles me. I’ve actually been pondering that off and on quite a bit lately. It is incredible to think of all that he did, all that he faced, all that he overcame as a man.  It is staggering to think that the same Spirit that empowered him as a man to do all that he did, is also available to us today.  It is incredible to think about all that he had to give up for us.  I recently read The Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldridge and one of my favorite chapters, which I’ve mentioned on here before, was about Christ’s humility.  This prayer took me right back to that chapter and how much humility was required of Jesus in order for him to do what he did. 

This prayer has given me a lot to ponder about power in general and what most people do with it.  It seems that human nature seeks power and usually for very selfish gain.  Power to control, power to get ahead…  Jesus gave up the ultimate in power to come here.  Then he tapped into the ultimate power to serve and die for us.  Then he promised he would fill us with that same power when he went away.  And he didn’t give us that power to use for selfish gain.  He didn’t give us that power to control others or somehow get ahead in life.  He gave us that power to serve Him and others.  He gave us that power so we would walk daily with Him, fulfilling the purpose He put us here for.  He knew we would need power beyond ourselves to make it in this world.  He knew we would need power beyond ourselves to do everything that He had planned for us.  He knew there was absolutely no way on earth we could do anything worth doing without His power. 

I’ve got a good friend that says we should use our power for good and not evil.  I’m thinking if it’s power from Him, there really is no other choice.  After all, Jesus gave up more power than we could even grasp in order to show us the way to serve others.


One thought on “Giving up power is so…powerful.

  1. lammilee says:

    Your title says it all, and is QUITE profound in it’s simplicity! ‘Giving up power is so…powerful] Giving up power so encapsulates Jesus life in the flesh, His love for us and His example to us…….broken and spilled out SO THAT others might obtain…..dying to live! And so……WE LIVE! Thank you Laurie for giving us all something to ponder….that if we grasp it’s power….becomes life changing!

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