Not so flat Stanley


You just never know what treasures await you when you show up for a White Elephant Christmas party. The one I attended on Friday was no exception. There was bacon toothpaste, lunch in a can, a personal cozy spot and this lovely frog. Yes, this is an actual frog that has been preserved. He will be the official mascot of the finance team of my church. I have decided!

You see, his original owner is on the team and is quite sad he no longer owns the little fella. I figure the least I can do is have him around the office so he doesn’t have to miss him too bad. And, who knows, the little guy could come in handy for a prank or two throughout the year.

Maybe he could become like Flat Stanley. You just never know where he might show up. As a matter of fact, to this point, he has not been given a name. I hereby name him Stanley, Stanley the frog. I’ll be sure and post on his whereabouts as the year goes by.


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