Too tired for anything else…I bet He doesn’t care!

I’ve been pondering what to write about today. I really do have alot on my mind I could share, but here I sit, too tired to articulate. I really wish it was Music Monday today because I have some songs I’d love to share. Lucky for me it’s Wednesday and the songs I want to share would make for good Worship Wednesday songs. 😉 (Sorry Penny, no Warbling on here unless you’d like to oblige me again!)

I’ve been introduced to a couple of new artists, to me, this week. They have different styles, yet I have been drawn to both of them in the past couple of days. As much for the style of music as for the lyrics. Actually, more for the way the lyrics speak to my soul. Today has not been the most productive day as the world would see it. I did not mark much off my to-do list, okay mental to-do list, at work or at home. I do think it was a very productive day in the Kingdom. At least it has felt that way. I have seen friends near and far receive words of encouragement and prayer. I have seen friends take the first steps on a new journey that is likely to take them to places with God they never knew possible and I am so excited for them. I have seen spirits lifted because others would not allow the creeping darkness to speak louder than the truth.

When I started listening to this artist today, I could not pull myself away. I found the lyrics and the sound so beautiful and peaceful, I just didn’t want to do anything else. The to-do’s will be here tomorrow. I really do need to get on those soon. But, today…tonight, I just want to sit back and listen and worship the God who came for some peeps today and lifted them up and loved on them. I don’t know what all He has in mind. I suspect, He has great things in store if the size of the battles and opposition mean anything. I just see His hand in so many things. I see His hand in so many peoples lives. I’m gonna get to the songs now and pray they bless your day as much as they have mine today.


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