Thankful Thursday: Books, Friends, Facebook, Blogs…God is AWESOME!!

If you follow me on FB, you have already seen the blog entry I am sharing in this post.  It is so important and meaningful to me today that I wanted to share it on here for anyone that follows my blog that is not on FB.  Also, in case you didn’t look at it on FB, maybe you will take the time here.  God is so big and awesome and gracious and good.  I am almost at a loss for words and breath at the moment as I think about this week and the ways He is reaching down to speak to me.  In the midst of internal struggle, anxiety, fear, panic and uncertainty, He is providing grace, mercy and peace to my heart. 

The struggles are just daily life struggles, nothing of the “big bad” variety, but enough to put me on edge in my heart and soul.  Just your normal everyday struggles associated with living in relationship with others.  Come on, you know what I’m talking about.  We all have them.  They may have a different face, a different name, but relationships, even the best ones are hard.  We all bring our “stuff” to the table and mix it up with other people’s “stuff” and that can get messy.  We all bring our agendas, needs, wants, demands, expectations…to the table.  Add one person to your circle, you’ve added relationship and that takes work.  Increase your circle and that’s more relationships to consider in the puzzle of your life.  Relationships are what makes life rich for me.  I love them.  I love what they add to my life.  I love the joy they bring.  I love the handsome fella, the daughters God has blessed me with, my extended family and the dear and precious friendships He has given me.  I love watching life unfold and people grow.  I also find growth and unfolding of life to be a source of anxiety.  I like to know what is going to happen.  I like guarantees.  I like to know the outcome.  I like to know the end of the story.  Uh hmm, you see the dilemma, don’t you?

So, what is this blog about?  It’s about a God who is AMAZING me!  He knows me!  He knows my next steps!  He knows who I am on the inside!  He knows the ponderings I share with you and the ones I keep to myself.  He knows the ones I share with Him AND the ones I try not to….  He knew I would be reading God with Us: Rediscovering the Meaning of Christmas this season.  He knows I can’t resist a good book.  He knew exactly when I would start reading the book and what would be going on in my life when I sat down to read each page.  He knew what other things would be coming across my FB and blog world to go with these daily readings.  I have been amazed at the relevancy of each days reading to my personal walk with Him and others in my life.  I thought this was just going to be a book to focus my life and season on the birth of Jesus.  Oh my!  It has been that and so much more and we are only on day 5.  It has been breathtaking!  I know others who are participating in Advent in a much more “official” way, or so it seems looking in from the outside.  I am thankful for the luxury to go at my own pace and on my own timing and level, yet still be able to look in on some of their traditions, “rituals” and “activities”.  I love seeing how they participate in this season.  I have enjoyed seeing pictures of how others participate.  The pictures have spoken to my spirit in a way that I am not even able to articulate, but I feel the impact.  I don’t even know the meaning of the candles, but I see my friends picture of the daily lighting of her candles and my spirit stirs.

On a day when I cannot articulate what is stirring within me, I am blessed with a friend who asks how I’m doing and I am able to communicate openly and honestly at least the little bit that I can figure out and I am blessed.  On a day when uncertainty and inexperience haunt me, another friend is there for encouragement and support because she sees the path I am on and wants to share the load.  God reminds me daily that despite my fears, failures, inexperience, doubts, mishaps and missteps, He’s got me right where I’m supposed to be.  He’s got me covered.  He’s got the answers.  He’s got everything I need all lined out and ready for me to find just when I need it.  He knew I’d need to reading this blog today, Out of the Drift , shared on FB by a blogging friend.  He knew I’d need insight from my blogging peeps who only know me through that avenue.  He has blessed me with friendships with some of these peeps who provide insight they don’t even know they are providing.  They are being used by God to bless my life and my family.

So today, on this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful to my loving, gracious, good and kind God for blessing me with books and friends and Facebook and Blogs and all the many ways He chooses to get His message into my heart where I need Him so desperately.  I am thankful He takes my breath away with His offer of peace and rest in the midst of growing and stumbling and living.  I am thankful He has given me such a rich life.  I am thankful He has blessed me with so many rich resources in the world of technology.  I am thankful He has blessed me with friendships full of grace.


One thought on “Thankful Thursday: Books, Friends, Facebook, Blogs…God is AWESOME!!

  1. Joann says:

    What a beautiful testimony of God’s love and provision! You are a beautiful testimony! Thanks for sharing!

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