A Growth on My Hand!

There seems to be an App for just about everything these days. There are game apps, business apps, social networking apps, bible apps…you name a category and there are probably apps for it.

I have apps on my phone I don’t even use. Those are mostly apps my kids have installed for gaming purposes. I also have apps that aren’t used because they weren’t what I really wanted and I just haven’t deleted them.

Yesterday, I deleted a few apps. Apps that I love that have become time suckers. This may or may not be a permanent delete. The good news is deleting these apps does not mean deleting the services they provided access to. It does not mean deleting the peeps they put me in contact with. It just means that I will have to be more intentional about when I use the services. It will mean access to these services will be harder and require more thought and planning.

It also means I will be spending less time away from the important things in life these apps have been distracting me from. I say distracting because after just a few hours without the apps, I realized just how distracting they had really become. I realized just how often I was going to these apps for a quick escape. These apps have been distracting me from responsibilities, family and time with God.

Don’t misunderstand me. These apps aren’t bad and the services they provide aren’t bad. These apps have been a source of much fun and enjoyment for me. I will continue to use the services on the computer, but the relationships that I have allowed to suffer on some level because of the crazy amount of time I was spending on them is just not worth it. I need to re-focus my time and just under 24 hours into this, it is clear how much focus has been misplaced.  If there was an app for focus, I might be tempted to download it, but for now, I will gladly give up a little “convenience” provided by these apps in order to focus more precious time on those I love.

God has given me grace to see and for that I am truly thankful!!


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