Thankful Thursday: Fish Tales

No wonder fisherman like to tell fish stories, so did their Creator. In fact, he must have really liked fish since they were one of the first creatures he made. Maybe he knew how important they would be in telling his story.

As I was pondering what I would share on Thankful Thursday, my mind went to fish and some of the stories I’ve read or heard from the bible lately that have fish in them. I started thinking about what I’ve learned about God and Jesus because of fish. God has done some pretty curious things with fish. He saved a guy from drowning and gave Him another chance to follow His leading. He paid his taxes out of the mouth of a fish. He called some of his followers to service by giving them the ultimate catch. Then later revealed his risen self to the same guys by giving them another miraculous catch. He fed thousands with just a couple of small fish…more than once.

So, today I am thankful for fish and the way God has used them to reveal himself to us. And just to prove He has a cool sense of humor, check out this gallery of fish.


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