Covered Wagons didn’t need batteries.

You know that little needle on the gas tank that tells you how much gas is in your vehicle? You know the red line that the needle needs to stay above? You know that little light that comes on that looks like a gas pump? You know that little noise, the ding, that happens when that light comes on? Yes, those are all very familiar sights and sounds for me. I know exactly how far to push it, I think.

Up to this point I have been taking it for granted that I will always be able to make it to the gas station. There is one on nearly every corner, so it’s not like I have that far to drive. Well, if the car won’t start and you are not AT the gas station, that is a problem even if it is just around the corner.

Well, I am sitting here waiting for my handsome fella to get my car to start. It is dead as a doorknob. The gas light is on. Good news is, it wasn’t out of gas. He brought me some and it still won’t start. So, I will likely continue to take that little needle and light and sound for granted and push it to the limit. That’s just how I roll.

I will, however, not be taking the battery for granted…or maybe I will. Seems that most things that work without any effort on my part are easy to take for granted. Maybe I need more than one month out of the year to look for things to be thankful for at every turn.


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