Remember the good times!

I just love the month of November and seeing all the things people are thankful for on FB. It is so uplifting to me. It is very hard to get bogged down in the humdrum of everyday life when you are living in a spirit of gratitude. There really is so much for all of us to be thankful for if we just look around. It is so much easier to put aside negativity when you are looking for both the big and small things to be thankful for.

I want to model that life for my kids. I want them to grow up looking for the good in life. I want my whole life to be lived in gratitude and not just during the month of thanksgiving.

My grandmother was a great example of that. I never heard her say anything bad about anyone and never really saw her down or negative. I know when you are a kid, you see life through a different lense and aren’t always aware of the “adult” life that is going on around you. I know you don’t always know all of the struggles and trials of life that are present around you. My grandmother had cancer, but I never heard her complain even though I know it was very painful for her. She left a legacy for our family, “Always remember the good times!” Anytime we were with her and it was time to leave, she would wipe our tears and tell us that. She was reminding us to live a life of gratitude even though we didn’t know it. I don’t think you can look back on life and remember the good times without being overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude.

I know as a kid, those words didn’t mean as much to me as they do today. I’m sure when I share my words of wisdom with my girls, they don’t mean as much to them as I hope. I just pray that one day, something I say or model today will stick and they will be living a life of gratitude that far exceeds mine.

Thanks grandma for the legacy you left us. I miss you and look forward to seeing you again one day. Thanks for all the good times I remember!


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