Hershey! Hershey! Hershey!


As soon as I walked out the door and saw him talking to her, I had to get a picture. He was grilling burgers and had stepped inside the house for a minute. She got busy investigating what was going on with the grill. Fortunately she hadn’t figured out a good place to jump on this one. I think the last time she jumped on the shelf of the old grill and it collapsed out from under her she got the idea that wasn’t to bueno.

She did find the big spatula he was using to flip the burgers and was licking the tasty juice off of it. I think that is actually what they were having a chat about in this picture. “Now you listen here!” was really all I heard. She has already figured out that cuddling up close to the master will be in her best interest when that comes out of his mouth. She is a smart dog.


One thought on “Hershey! Hershey! Hershey!

  1. Victoria says:

    haha….too cute!!

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