Music Monday: Soaking it up!

A while back a friend of mine introduced me to a really cool website, The best thing about this site is the free music it offers to listen to and explore various artists who specialize in, you guessed it, soaking music. You may be unfamiliar with soaking music, I was. I had heard of it only recently and loved the concept. There is a whole article on the site about what “soaking” is. For me, it is a time to sit and just be with God. There is something about this music, with words, or strickly instrumental, that helps me stay focused. My mind seems to wander in a million directions, pondering all sorts of things. So, this music has helped with that. It seems to calm my wandering mind.

And, it wouldn’t be Music Monday if I didn’t include a couple of songs. So, here are some samples of soaking music for you to enjoy on this awesome Monday morning:


One thought on “Music Monday: Soaking it up!

  1. Joann says:

    I’m getting caught up today and I love this! What a wonderful way to sit and soak!

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