I can always change my mind.

Since I’ve been on a theme for the past few blogs, it’s made me ponder what other theme blogs I could do to go with the days of the week. I’d do Warbling Wednesday, but I’m gonna sit back and let my other peeps take that one on. If they do, I’ll be sure and let you know so you don’t miss out.

I was thinking of possible themes for Wednesday and what I might do with them that would be fun and interesting to read or ponder. I thought of Wacky Wednesday, Worshipful Wednesday, Weird Wednesday, Whimsical Wednesday and Waffling Wednesday. All have great potential for future pondering.

The one that struck me the most this week was Waffling Wednesday. I’ve actually been thinking about this one for a bit. We love to accuse the politicians on the other side of the aisle from us of waffling. It is usually a very justified accusation. Why else would they have earned mention in the dictionary next to waffling? I didn’t look up the origin of the word, but maybe it originated with politics, who knows?  I’ve wondered though if all of the changes in a politicians, or anyone else’s, stance on something should always be labeled as waffling. What if they aren’t waffling? What if they have actually changed their mind and they no longer believe the first thing they said?  I doubt that is the case in the course of a campaign, but I suppose it is possible.

I’ve wondered about this because as I blog, I find myself “waffling” within my own post at times. I find myself wondering if I will have an experience that will make me change my mind on something I have written and posted for the world to see. I wonder if I do, if I will be considered a fraud or if there will be grace to know that we change and grow and expand and develop our beliefs over time.  I wonder if it even really matters as long as I am being authentic with every post?  I don’t see my core values changing much over time, but I can see details within that belief system changing and growing and developing into something different.  I would hope that is true for everyone.

So, if I waffle on here over the course of time, know that something has happened to change my original thought.  My original thought was as true to my beliefs as I could articulate, but it may have to be modified as time goes along.  It may have to be modified as new revelation comes into my life.  Who knows where the journey will lead, but I am sure it was not meant to be lived standing still.


2 thoughts on “I can always change my mind.

  1. Joann says:

    I worry about every single post that I hit publish on! I hope as people read that they see a growth pattern and not a leaf being blown this way and that by every changing wind!

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