Getting a jump start!

Before I started blogging back in August, I used to have a plethora of status updates on Facebook. I found myself thinking thru life in terms of updates. Sometimes I would have so many going thru my mind at once that I would have to make myself pause at least 15 minutes before posting the next one. It was Facebook, not Twitter for goodness sake.

I guess I cannot think in blog and status update simultaneously because status updates have become few and far between. They just don’t come to mind like they used to.

One of my favorite months for status updating was in November. I have so much to be thankful for and November is a great month to share that with the world. I’ve been thinking about dedicating an entire month of blogging to thankfulness. How fun would that be?!!!

I just may not be able to hold off until November. There really isn’t anything magically thankful about November except Thanksgiving. Besides, I’m needing to get out of a mental, emotional and spiritual slump I’ve been slipping into the past week or so. It’s that post retreat thing getting me down. I was determined not to let that happen, but it has and I don’t want to stay in that negative place. I spent too much time out of it to go back so quickly.

After a bit of inspiration from fellow bloggers, I am going to get back to the journey I was on before being derailed by the mundane, ordinary and sometimes tension filled parts of life. It helps too that I got to spend an evening with some of my best peeps.

God always knows what I need. He is always faithful to follow thru even when I get a little off course and distracted. He always knows just who or what to put in my way to reel me back in. He has blessed me with great peeps throughout my journey. Some for a season, some for a lifetime, but always to make my life richer. My peeps are my treasures and God has made some real neat treasures that I have gotten to cross paths with and walk bits of the journey with.

I want to tell you about all of them and what they have all meant to me. Maybe one day I will get to that. In the mean time, if you are reading this blog, you are very likely one of my treasured peeps. Even if we have never met, it is likely God has crossed out paths for a reason and I am thankful for the blessing each peep that enters my life either in person or in cyber space has been or will be to me.

God put you on my path for a reason and my life will be richer because of your influence…for that I am thankful.


6 thoughts on “Getting a jump start!

  1. Lisa Buchman says:

    It is unfortunate isn’t it that we often are reminded to be thankful rather than it just being innate? Imagine if everyone appreciated their lives and those they loved all the time. But then, what would we write about? ; )

  2. Victoria says:

    I know that God put you in my path for a very good reason…I always enjoy reading about your journey in life and love that you look for snapshots of Heaven along the way! I agree totally, those snapshots give us hope! We sound like we’re on very similar journeys!! 🙂

  3. Joann says:

    I am so THANKFUL that God has put all of these bloggy friends in my life to encourage me through those slumps, and I am glad to count you as one of them!! I can’t wait to have time to share what He did for me yesterday to put things into perspective and I think a month of Thankfulness is highly in order!!

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