Unpacking, unwinding and unwrapping.

I’m halfway home and back to the land of cyber space. I’ll be back to my family peeps in a few hours. Yeah!!

Yes, it was an incredible weekend. Yes, there is a ton of pondering going on in my head and my heart. In fact, I will likely be pondering on these thoughts for quite some time. I think it’s a magic gift. It’s a little like one of those gifts where you unwrap a box only to find there is another box to be unwrapped. The difference is that there is something good between each box. The fun part will be to see how the gifts inside each box fit together to get to that last prize gem. No doubt they will.

It will take me a bit of time to decide what is blog worthy and what is meant just for me. At the moment, that is still being unraveled in my brain. The order in which I share will be in no particular order of importance, because it was all important.

I will say here that the entire weekend felt specially designed just for me. I thought that was pretty cool of Him to do that for me and then invite 300+ more peeps to join me. 😉 That is another mystery of the gift from this weekend. They each went home with one and from what I heard, the weekend was specially designed for them too. Pretty cool how He does that. He is so efficient.

Well, I’m off to ponder and see what He might have in mind for me to blog about later.


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