See you in a few days!

Well, I managed to blog every day even without my brain fully present. Today I get to reunite with my brain. I get to sit on the mountain. I get to go to the little worship room. It is going to be glorious.

In just a bit I will head to the airport to meet up with the other peeps who will board the charter buses and head for the mountains. Yippee! I’m filled with anticipation and excitement and wonder at what the weekend will hold. Will it be what I expect? Will it be anything like the last time I was there? Will the peeps be like the last set of peeps? Will I recognize any of the faces? I wonder what each person is most looking forward to. I wonder what each person wants and expects to gain this weekend.

One thing I know is He will be there. He has a plan for the weekend for each of us. A very personal plan. I’m very excited to find out what that is. It’s like opening a gift and I can’t wait to see what’s inside.

I’ve not been nearly as anxious about this weekend as I was this time last year. For that I am thankful. Yes, I’ve still got a list of worries and fears to give to Him, but the one that is not here this year makes me jump for joy. This year I am not afraid He won’t be there for me. This year I am not afraid He won’t talk to me. I am so thankful He took that fear away.

See you peeps on Sunday!!


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