Because they shared…

My heart is so full right now it feels like it is about to bust. I’ve felt this way for several days. As I look back on life and the other times I’ve felt this way, there is a common theme. Worship, but maybe not in the way I’ve ever noticed before. Yes, He is always at the center of a heart that is overflowing. How could He not be?

Today I realized another thing about a heart that overflows with Him. The road that leads to that place is filled with His worshipers using their gifts and ministering to others. This may not be much of a revelation for you. You may have figured that out a long time ago. If you have, my guess is you’ve been serving Him with your gifts in a mighty way. Thank you! Thank you for leading others to worship Him. Thank you for leading me to worship Him.

But for me, worship has taken on another dimension because I realize how important other’s use of their gifts and talents have been to leading my heart to a place of worshipping Him. This pondering started when a very dear peep of mine made the following observation about another peep, “She was amazing…I could easily sit back close my eyes and listen to her sing, it was great, it was worship just listening to her.”

I’ve always been a little jealous of people who could sing. I’ve wanted one of those voices. I’ve thought about how wonderful it will be in Heaven when we can all sing like that. I’d love to have that as a talent here on earth. Id love to have that as an avenue to bless others. I’d love to be able to sing and lead others in worship, but that is not my talent.

But, I realized today that singers are not the only ones who have used their talents to lead me to a place of worship. I’ve been led to that place by friends who can stand up in front of a crowd and share the things that God has placed on their heart. I’ve been led there by friends who would rather engage in a spiritual conversation on a more personal one on one level. I’ve been led their by friends who have a special gift to hear from God and share that in prayer. I’ve been led there by the gift of prophecy expressed thru art. I’ve been led their by a person who can see spiritual truths in what appears natural and mundane to someone else. I’ve been led there through a friends ability to laugh and another’s ability to cry. I’ve been led there by seeing the servant spirit living inside others. As I type out this list, I realize how endless the list could be.

I also realize how important it is to use our gifts and talents. I think of the times I would have missed out on a special time of worship if these people had not answered the call and used their gifts. I think of how rich my life has become and how poor it would have been.

I thank God for giving me peeps with such a wide variety of gifts and talents I worship Him more freely because of them. I am inspired to use my gifts because I know the overwhelming joy of worshipping Him and want all my peeps to experience that for themselves.


2 thoughts on “Because they shared…

  1. Sheri says:

    And others have been lead there through your ability to ponder and share….

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