Grow Those Roots!

I read a quote earlier this week that really spoke to me.

“The theology of progress forces us to act before we are ready. We speak before we know what to say. We respond before we feel the truth of what we know. In the process, we inadvertently create suffering, heaping imprecision upon inaccuracy, until we are all buried under a mountain of misperception.” – Wayne Muller

I’ve read and heard so much lately about the power of our words. I’ve seen how words can bless someone in a split second and have felt the sting of careless words.

I’ve also recently felt the implication of this quote. Just this past week, I was telling a friend how quickly I’ve had words tested when I’ve latched on to some new truth and spoken it with great conviction only to have that conviction tested with gusto. It seems that many times I would have been better off to have let it simmer a bit longer…most times.

I’ve seen throughout my life how a great “truth” can be aimed at another to “teach” and “instruct” and “correct”. Then in the blink of an eye, that “conviction” can be trampled and tossed aside because it was too weak when pushed on with real life circumstances.

I was advised a while back to grow my roots deep while I am in a season of growth and discovering and seeking. I like progress. I like moving forward. I like most things to be rather instantaneous, including my journey. I don’t want to spend too much time in one place. Life moves awfully fast and I’d hate to miss something great in the distance because I took my time. I don’t really like to wait on anything for very long especially if there is a decision to be made or a question to be answered. I want revelation to come quickly.

My fella is a great example of someone who takes his time. He’s the slow and steady type. He wants to let information percolate. Some days that drives me crazy, but as I look back over our life together, I’d have to say he’s been able to stand firm on most everything he has claimed. He’s not said too many things that were hurtful or careless. His convictions and beliefs are deeply rooted by the time he speaks them. I love that about him.

I don’t want to be tossed about by everything that comes along. I don’t want to use careless words that can be used to wreak havoc and confusion and misunderstandings. I want a strong root system that will last. I think I’ll be more careful to slow down and take my time before I move forward.


2 thoughts on “Grow Those Roots!

  1. pennyfell says:

    I think the ability to take our time and think things through without acting on a whim, comes with age. I guess that’s why God in His great wisdom told the older women to teach the younger women. Great thoughts!

  2. Joann Eyster says:

    What great thoughts, thanks for sharing!

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