My First Chew!

When I think about my childhood, I almost always think about my grandma and grandpa’s farm just outside of Canyon, Texas. I remember spending hours playing with my sister. We had a great time on that farm and loved the freedom. I remember feeding the calves with a bottle and letting them suck on our fingers. I remember Old Red, Grandpa’s favorite cow. I remember shucking corn and snapping peas. I remember eating peaches off the best peach tree in Texas.

I remember jumping for miles on my pogo stick. That was one of several modes of transportation we had. We also got to drive the truck and the tractor long before we were “old enough”

I remember my Grandma making us made to order breakfasts every morning. Mine was a fried egg and bacon. I can smell it as I sit here traveling down memory lane. She never let anyone leave the table hungry. She was an excellent cook!!

I also remember learning how to chew tobacco on that farm. Well, there wasn’t really much to learn. You go out on the back covered in porch, “borrow” the bag out of grandpa’s desk, go out the back door and over to the barn and get a big old wad and start chewing and spitting. Nope, I didn’t get sick. I liked the stuff, it was sweet. I don’t recall if we ever got caught or if we got in trouble. The habit didn’t stick, cause I don’t chew anymore and never chewed anywhere but on the farm. If we never got caught, I guess I just told on myself. 🙂

I miss the farm. I miss grandma and grandpa. I didn’t realize how much I remembered about my childhood and the farm until just now. I think I’ll go enjoy some more memories and see what else might be fun to share one day.


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