The perfect level!

I’ve been stuck in a ponder this week. It started in the middle of the week with a discussion of Judges 6:14-16. I can totally relate to the thoughts that there is someone stronger, more capable, more fit for a task, so surely it is their job and not mine.

The discussion led into a conversation about how easy it is to look up to people who we perceive as being more qualified and think they should do the job. It’s easy to look up to them and aspire to reach the “level” they are on.

The discussion ended with a comment that “it’s not about levels.” I’ve been thinking about that for days and wondering if that is true or not. There have to be different levels. Aren’t we being transformed daily into His image? I certainly hope I am closer to Him today, than I was a year ago today. I sure hope my life reflects more of Him today than it did this time last year. I hope I am on a different “level”.

If He instructed the older women to teach the younger women, wasn’t He assuming they would be on a different level. Wasn’t He assuming they would know something the younger women had not yet attained. I value the mentors God has placed in my life because they were on a different “level”. I value them because they inspire me to more. I value them because they point me to new levels with God.

If He talks about some eating milk and some needing to eat meat (something like that), doesn’t that assume different levels? Doesn’t that assume that we are meant to go to deeper levels with Him as our life here moves along?

I think we are being transformed. I think God does put people in our path to encourage us and lead us closer to Him. I think we do move from one level to another in our lives with Him. I do think that their are peeps I know that are much farther on that journey than I am. They are on a different level.

I guess the point of this verse and discussion was not really supposed to be about comparing my level to someone elses. I am on my journey with God and they are on theirs. I can’t use my level and my comparison with someone elses to justify not doing something He has called me too even if I think someone else is more qualified. In that case it really isn’t about levels. In that case He isn’t concerned about what level I am on.

When I start focusing on “levels”, I stop focusing on Him and His calling and His strength. I start making it about me and someone else instead of about Him. Maybe in some way I start being more concerned about being like the mentor than the One they are pointing me to. I start being more focused on their part to play than mine. I guess that’s why He said to go in the strength He has given me and not the strength He has given them.

Sure, we may be on different levels in our individual journey but we are all on the same field, playing our own part that He has given us the strength to play.


One thought on “The perfect level!

  1. Kellie says:

    Love your thoughts here, Laurie – how you play them out. It’s like I can “see” you, humble and teachable, asking God about His thoughts on the matter all the way through. Thanks for letting me watch.

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