And He’s All Mine!!

I told you I’d be telling you more about my fella as we go along on the blogging journey. Today is a good day to share a bit of our story.

We met AND had our first date 16 years ago today. You may be asking how I remember our first date that many years ago. Are you kidding me? The most handsome fella knocks on my door wearing starched wranglers, a white starched shirt and smiles at me from underneath the best mustache on the planet then says hi with the most awesome Texas drawl you’ve ever heard and you think I wouldn’t remember that day FOREVER?

We met thru a dating service. I picked him out of a book!! You have to know Justin being in a dating service was totally out of character for him. You should also know that he was about to get out of the service and demand his money back. I had been in it for two years and had pretty much stopped using it. I had gone with a friend so she could pick a fella, so I decided to peruse the book and see who might be of interest.

I’m SO glad I did. There was a VERY handsome fella in a starched green shirt and a very substantial mustache looking off the page at me. Hmmm, he deserved a second glance. So, I read thru his profile. Wow! He sounded just right. So, the service called him and with a little convincing got him to go on just one more date…

He came to pick me up, took me to Red Lobster and to see Apollo 13. We will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary next month!!!

God did REALLY good when He made that fella!!!!



2 thoughts on “And He’s All Mine!!

  1. Sandysandy says:

    Congrats! I love a good love story.

  2. Penny Fell says:

    Awww…a neat story! Thanks for sharing!

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