Shhh! Don’t Scare Hershey

I learned a valuable lesson since posting the story about Hershey and the rabbit. She can read and she takes what I say literally and she has great control over her potty functions. She needs a little practice with comprehension and interpretation of what she reads though.

Apparently she believed that she really had a rabbit in her tummy and that it was in fact trying to get out. This is the only explanation for what has occurred since the posting of that story. It seems that she had in her mind that if she let it out, she might lose her super powers. Since she apparently takes things very literally and she only has the life experience of a 4 month old, she only had one idea of how the bunny might escape.

Yes, for the biggest part of two days since the posting of her story, Hershey has refused to potty. Being the loving and concerned Alpha that I am to her, we took a little trip to see the vet. We had to go for shots, so I decided he needed to check on her.

I will begin her counseling trust fund soon. Apparently all she needed to get over her fear was a little encouragement from the vet. He assured us that she would get thru this and no bunnies would be hopping out and she would not lose any of her power. As soon as we returned home, she hopped out back and took care of her potty needs.

At least that is the only explanation I can come up with. It beats the one about how she either ate something she shouldn’t have or isn’t getting enough to drink. That would just be awfully boring.


2 thoughts on “Shhh! Don’t Scare Hershey

  1. Sandy says:

    THAT was weird ! haha

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