The Ultimate Thermostat

Do you ever wish you could have control of all the thermostats where you live and work and play? Wouldn’t it be nice to just walk up and set the temperature in a room to your desired comfort level? Wouldn’t it be nice if they all worked properly and could keep up with the outside temperature? Wouldn’t it be nice if the units they controlled always worked properly?

I read something the other day about being a thermostat vs a thermometor that got me to thinking… The concept was presented in a very simplistic way. We can be the thermometor that reflects the temperature around us or we can be the thermostat that controls the temperature. At first, I jumped on the bandwagon. Sure, I want to be the kind of person that controls the temperature in the atmosphere around me to a comfortable level for everyone. That would be great to make everyone comfortable and happy, right?

But then how do you make everyone comfortable? How do you keep up with the outside forces working against you? How do you keep those people that won’t work with you comfortable? That is a responsibility I don’t think I really want. It is one that I don’t believe is mine to fulfill.

I think I’ll pass on being the thermometer too. I don’t want my temperature controlled by the whims of others. I am surrounded by some of the most awesome peeps on the planet, but I’m not always comfortable with their temperatures. I’m sure they would agree.

Truth be told I have been both the thermometer and the thermostat at varying points of time. Sometimes I’ve done a good job of setting a comfortable atmosphere and sometimes I’ve gotten it a little off. Sometimes I’ve reflected the good temperature and sometimes I’ve reflected a temperature that wasn’t the best one to reflect.

I think I’ll let God be the thermostat. He knows what temperature everyone needs to be. He knows when to turn up the heat and when to cool it down. He knows what to do when the unit He is controlling isn’t working so well. He even has the ability to counteract those outside forces working against Him. I think I’ll try to keep my unit attached to Him so I’m producing the temperature into the atmosphere that He has in mind for me to reflect.


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Thermostat

  1. chaviva1 says:

    Good post…but my comment is not exactly in line with the “spiritual-ness” theme. I’ve got earthy issues. I say YES…I would like to control the actual temperature in my environments. I hate the heat. Worse is the mugginess. I currently work in a nursing home and those poor old people are cold all the time. The trouble is, at the temperature they like, I am actually sweating! A wilted nurse….not exactly how I envisioned myself when I graduated from nursing school.

  2. Lisa says:

    I think making the people around you comfortable all the time is highly overrated. 😉

  3. Victoria says:

    I agree with Lisa – It’s good to stir the pot a little sometimes and watch what happens

    I also agree with chaviva1 – I can hardly take the heat – but when the humidity is so high – I feel like I can’t breathe – that’s when I want to control the temperature (literally)

    great post 🙂

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