This may take a while!!!

Have you ever decided to give something up? Have you ever set your mind that you would fast from something for some length of time? It seems like most of the time when I hear of people fasting, it is from food or something they enjoy doing.

I had been considering fasting for a few weeks and pondering and praying about what I might give up for a period of time. Nothing was really coming to mind and the time frame that I had in mind to start was quickly approaching. In fact, it was the end of the day I had wanted to start. I was reading a book called Victorious Mindsets and the page I was on suggested a negativity fast. Hmmm, I consider myself to be a relatively upbeat and positive person, but I have my moments, so why not. The timing was just right and perhaps this was the answer. Besides, giving up something that is not good for me anyways should be easier than giving up something I like to do….right?

Um, I have a question for those of you who practice fasting. Once you start a fast and you break it because you have a really bad habit you weren’t completely aware of, do you start over from the beginning?

Just wondering…..;)


2 thoughts on “This may take a while!!!

  1. Lisa says:

    Ask God. He will have an opinion that considers you and your situation specifically. He’s great about details.

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