Great Day!!


Well peeps! We got another school year off and running. Everyone made it to school on time. Noone had to be pried from the car or drug thru the front door of the school. That is at least true physically. Mentally and emotionally I am sure there was a bit of a struggle, but the desire to go beat the desire to stay home.

The voice of reason also won out in my head and I let them head off into another unknown, another new adventure, another chapter in their story, another leg of their journey.

Little peep made it out first and had a great day. She seemed to have matured a bit over the course of a few hours. She was excited to tell me about her day and her teacher. Little peep is off to a great start!

Big peep also had a good first day of middle school. You would never have known it was the same apprehensive peep that headed into the building this morning. I guess both these peeps matured a bit today.

I am very thankful tonight for a great day for my family peeps.


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