Staff Meeting 101

I get to tell you about some of the peeps I spend a good part of my week with today. I figured that eventually they would end up in a post, all my peeps will eventually. 😉

Do you have something you do so often that it just gets repetitive? You are just going thru the motions because you do it the same way, the same time every day or every week? Do you have things that you have to endure on a weekly basis because it’s just part of life, part of your responsibilities? Maybe something like a weekly staff meeting……

Yep, we have a weekly staff meeting…EVERY week…at the SAME time…talking about the SAME stuff…EVERY week…OVER and OVER and OVER…and I LOVE it.

Last year I took some time away from the meetings. I had something I wanted to do that conflicted with the time, so I chose to skip. I was mostly glad I did the other thing, but I REALLY missed those meetings. I missed the laughs. I missed the atmosphere, I missed keeping up with what everyone had going on in their ministries. I missed knowing what was going on with everyone.

I love the peeps I work with. They are all unique. They are like a family. Some days we work hard together, some days we play hard together, some days we hurt together and some days we all go to our rooms (even if it’s just mentally) because, let’s face it, some days you just need a break from your family.

But on Tuesday’s we all get together and share a block of time that is unique. It’s called staff meeting. It could quite possibly be the makings of a good sitcom. We get to talk about the ministries we are involved in, we get to share each others struggles and victories and we get to laugh, A LOT! There is probably some guide somewhere about how to conduct a successful meeting and I’m fairly sure it wouldn’t look EXACTLY like ours…hmmm…maybe we should write a guide…


2 thoughts on “Staff Meeting 101

  1. I love your office environment!! How cool it must be to have an office job you love!!

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