And then it hit me!

Well, it happened. I was rocking right along. Excited for all the fun Emily is about to experience. Excited for all the new experiences she is about to have. Nervous for her but excited.

I knew the emotions where hiding out in there somewhere waiting to show themselves. I didn’t know where or when they would appear. They like to surprise me. Sometimes they hide out so well, I forget they are in there. I sometimes think maybe they snuck out somewhere along the way. That should be my first clue that they are just about to jump out and surprise me.

I don’t know if it was watching Emily struggle to unlock her locker and seeing the panic on her face, or the first official email from her Youth minister that got me. I think the locker incident was a setup for the email that would be waiting for me when we got home.

All I know is it started raining on my cheeks. The deer in the headlights now has tears coming out those big eyes. Oh my! These steps are gonna be harder on this mama than I thought.


2 thoughts on “And then it hit me!

  1. It’s okay, you aren’t alone. And it gets easier.

  2. Shannon Hinsley says:

    I completely relate. They grow up so fast and our hearts break over and over again. Seems like last week I was sitting at LCS kindergarten graduation and now all of a sudden, that little boy is too big to carry.

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