Who could seriously ever pick one genre and stick with it for the long haul? I don’t think my taste in music varies all that much, yet when I select genre on my iPhone, the choices are vast…alternative, punk, country, Christian, folk, pop, rock, jazz, instrumental, new age, gospel…unclassifiable. Seriously, there were songs in the unclassifiable category.

I wish shuffle had been a category under genre. Some days I am choosy about what tunes I am in the mood for, but most days, I just hit shuffle and let them play however they come up.

We seem to like to categorize personalities like we do our music, but with different titles. Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholy, Phlegmatic. I used to love taking those tests and testing my friends to see where they fit. After a quick review of mine and Justin’s test, we were told by friends we would not be a match. Ha! Goes to show you how much those tests know.

I think my personality fits in the shuffle category. JW would likely agree. I’m a mix of a lot of things. Depends on the day, where I am, who is around. It changes as I grow. No, it’s not moody, or fickle. I’d call it adaptable. Not in an easily swayed kind of way. I have a core that runs thru me like it does my music. All of the music on my phone has God at it’s core. It may have different sounds and beats and be fitting for different occasions but it all brings my focus back to Him.

I wish I could say I always have Him has my focus, I have a few tracks that play a different beat on occasion. I do know no matter the beat my life may take any given day, it eventually all goes back to Him. Hopefully one day those less desirable tracks can be deleted. Until then, I’ll hit shuffle and take one day, one experience at a time and beat to the rhythm required for that day and try to skip to the next tune when one of those undesirables decides to play.


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